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Even if you cannot eliminate faxes, you can eliminate your facsimile machine!


By getting rid of paper from the procedure, Santuccis Pizzeria has eliminated you must own a facsimile machine. With Santuccis Pizzeria, everybody in your business can easily send out and get faxes online. There disappears time invested waiting by a fax device for a fax to show up or for verification that it was sent out. Rather, inbound faxes go straight to the recipient's inbox and outbound faxes are sent out online, all from your computer system. No facsimile machine required!


Most importantly, there's absolutely nothing somebody sending you a fax should do in a different way! Your clients can still send out faxes to the exact same number the same way they constantly have been. You can move your number to us and begin getting faxes digitally with no downtime or threat of losing any faxes.